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In 2016 ColorLite won the renowned “Red Dot” industry design prize for our desktop spectrophotometer “ColorCube”. In 2017 it won the prize for the “Best innovation in the field of metrology” in the south of lower saxony for a completely new system, which combines a microscope, spectrophotometer and camera to enable extremely accurate measurement of colour values – on parts a lot smaller that 1mm!

Another breakthrough was the ColorLite sd350 spectral densitometer – designed, because the other systems on the market for measuring optical density where simply not accurate enough, especially for the automobile industry.

But that´s no reason to stuck in the past- the future holds a lot of challenges- and ColorLite is well prepared. The company is a specialist in colour measurement and it is very well prepared for an upcoming Industry 4.0- including inline colour measuring systems for 100% production control and the connectivity to dosing- and process control systems with highest flexibility and reliability.