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Rondol Industrie was created in 2012 in Strasbourg (France). At the micro scale, Rondol develops a full range of Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) machines together with all necessary upstream and downstream equipment.

HME technology is widely used in the food industry for producing and shaping a wide range of materials. Since 2000 the pharmaceutical industry started showing interest in HME, in order to embed drugs into polymers.

The extraordinary precision of dispersion offered by HME, even at the micro scale, allowed the production of very small tablets that will always have the same percentage of API. This way the patient can now take its meds at home, thus reducing hospital costs and improvement patient’s comfort.
Big Pharmas could use this new drug delivery solution to get a patent extension for some drugs that have been extremely expensive to develop – a good idea to fight the famous patent cliff effect.