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Shodex™ is a brand for of high-quality polymer-based HPLC columns (high pressure liquid chromatography) for the analysis of liquid samples. For the analysis of liquid samples, Shodex is able to offer the whole range of separation techniques: Reversed Phase RP, HILIC, Size Exclusion chromatography SEC, Ligand Exchange LEX and Ion Chromatography IC. All columns have a very long life expectancy, especially the polymer-based columns.

Shodex™ produces columns for more than 50 years (1965 first SEC column in-house, 1974 start of Shodex business). The production of polymer stationary phases, including their own polymeric gels and resins, as well as packing and the quality assurance of the HPLC columns take place exclusively in house, considering the highest quality standards.

Shodex™ can be found in the pharmaceutical industry, life science, biochemistry, in the academic sector, public institutions, in the area of quality assurance, food industry, environmental analysis as well as in general laboratory applications.