OCA 15 EC – optical contact angle measuring instrument


OCA 15 EC – optical contact angle measuring instrument

Whether your application demands the evaluation of contact angle or drop shape, the video-based optical contact angle measuring system, OCA 15EC, is the instrument of choice where initial budgets are limited. The single direct dosing system, SD-DM, together with the electronic dosing unit, ES (both included within the ‘system’ configured, under the OCA 15EC part number) enable the precise and accurate handling and dosing of liquids.The OCA 15EC can be easily broken down for transportation in the optional case, TBO.
Features of the featured instrument configuration:

  • The horizontal position of the sample table (in the plane of the optical path) is manually adjustable via our magnetic slide system. Movement in the vertical (Z-azis) direction can be achieved via precise adjustment of the hand wheel.
  • High performance 6x parfocal zoom lens, with integrated continuous fine focus, and adjustable observation and camera tilt angle.
  • Video measuring system with USB camera (max. 87 images/s sample rate).
  • Lighting of the optical path, with adjustable intensity without hysteresis.
  • Single direct dosing system, SD-DM, for use with standard and disposable syringes and needles.
  • One electronic dosing unit, ES, with software controlled adjustable dosing volume (min. 50 nl) and dosing rate (0.06 µl/s … 26.4 µl/s).

Access to many of the available OCA accessories.

Some of the most important components and accessories are listed below:

  • High-speed option for USB camera (max. 311 images/s sample rate).
  • Manual tilting base attachment, TBA 60M, for a maximum tilt angle of 70°.
  • Wide range of sample securing and positioning. Inc. units for foils or papers, FSH 30 and FSC 80/150, or the suction plate, SP 100, for holding thin flexible samples flat on the stage, with an adjustable suction area.
  • Electro wetting platform, EWP 100, for the analysis of sessile and pendant drops under a  definable electrical field
  • The available software modules for the OCA 15EC are:
    SCA 20 — contact angle
    SCA 21 — surface free energy
    SCA 22 — pendant drop
    SCA 23 — lamella contour

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