Xenemetrix is proud to introduce a new portable lab P-Metrix system powered with Analytix advanced analytics software. The P-Metrix is innovative and unique in the EDXRF world market with numerous features: portable trolley which opens into a standalone lab in the field, self-maintenance and service, adjustable filters, automatic calibration, mini camera, and the largest testing chamber!

The P-Metrix is engineered to provide a portable field laboratory with safe and superior Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) quantitative and qualitative analysis. P-Metrix is a high-power analyzer that incorporates performances and safety of a top-grade EDXRF benchtop analyzer, combined with easy mobility and cost-effective benefits of a portable device and field engineered P-Metrix weighs only 14 kg and due to its ergonomic design, it is the perfect choice for field laboratory use.

P-Metrix can operate upon battery (up to 4 hours) as a standalone system in the field. The battery can be charged by a car charger, extra batteries and an additional external charger are available to support extended period of working hours in the field.

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